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Happy 49th Birth Anniversary Buddy!

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Lakshmana Prabhu: Saturday, August 16, 1969 – Thursday, November 5, 2015

The name Lakshmana Prabhu was Synonymous with Buddy. Lakshman’s Kith and Kin called and considered Buddy as their very own alter ego.  “Buddy” which in itself had evolved as a brand to be reckoned with, was not a puzzle to anyone. He hadn’t ’t planned it or worked to ensure it becomes a brand on its own, all he did was to be sincere and genuine in his Thought and Commitment to whoever crossed his path.

Buddy was a work-in – progress and he was never sure when the end-product would be ready. He believed in living every moment of his life fully and his aim was to maximize the 24hrs granted to him in every day of his life. Buddy’s Persona trait was he was always a happy person and he wished to be one all the time. It primarily stems from the fact that he believed that there was no better time than every moment he lived in. He understood and defined Success in just 2 words – Gratitude and Trust.

He strongly believed, when more and more and more people trust him, he becomes successful and to become successful he made sure he always honored his commitment. Till his last breath he stood by his commitments. He would always say Life is for the living and therefore his mantra was to live life to the fullest and celebrate Life and Living. According to him, if he is not happy, he can never call himself successful. Only through Gratitude and Reverence to all, he believed he could truly achieve happiness.

To perfect him, every now and then he would have reality checks. Having constant reality Checks was the right way to keep perfecting himself. He would always say “None of us can be good in everything; therefore I implement what I know”

His biggest pride was his family.  His family was his pillar of strength and he valued our system and respected it tremendously. Buddy was a happily married man with four children, always came home with great energy and enthusiasm even after a long day. His life revolved around his family, his profession and friends.

The one thing which made Buddy a unique individual was, his love and weakness for people. He would never have any hidden agenda and always took people at face value. A great admirer of Indira Nooyi and through her words of wisdom he always felt that he would be a lifelong student and the best way to evolve is to Learn. When the going gets tough, he would tell himself and his folks to UPDATE. Through this he gave a lot to the society as a Director of PSNA Engineering college.

Buddy was a high energy person and he strongly believed that life is a manifestation of energy. He’d generate time by managing his activities and he never bought the theory of Time Management or people management. He learnt to compartmentalize his problems and brought about holistic solutions. His humble advice to his friends was never to do an over kill of a problem, and invest time in discussing solutions and never invest time in discussing only problems. Buddy believed that his “BEST WAS YET TO COME and gave all his energy to the present and never to the past.

Buddy was not just a successful Edupreneur but also a brilliant one at it. His Secret sauce was he never believed in managing people or managing time”.  In his line of vision he firmly believed that competent people would never work for temperamental bosses. He had a tremendous respect for his coworkers and not once program monitor them.  Each one of them was a part of his knowledge repository which was the pillar of his Organization’s success. What he did instead was he chose to “Manage the Agreements” between his coworkers. He was able to successfully place PSNA among the TOP colleges in Tamil Nadu through Single minded devotion in delivering quality education and the by product was every outgoing graduate was placed in leading Corporates through PSNA CAMPUS RECRUTIMENT,  if not n he paved way for their higher education.  

Buddy believed in relaxing his mind and body through dance, People those who knew him very well also knew that he loved dancing and he was an involved dancer. Whenever he danced, it was like he was singing with his soul and the packed audience went into absolute jubilance. He danced as if no one was watching him and the everlasting smile on his face even during difficult steps in dance or life was he never tried to complicate things much.  He had a very simple approach to life and that was to never try to judge people and on the flip side he never felt people were judging him – That’s how he evolved.

He had given his kids two lasting bequests – Roots and Wings, roots of responsibility and values and wings of independence.

When asked how he managed and dealt with stress, he would really laugh his head off because  in the first place he would never take stress and I lived in the moment and I never entertained or nursed monkey talk by not having any regret about the past and never was anxious about the future.

What excited Buddy was – One idea, if it could generate employment and education – that excited him. He believed one who generates employment and provides education is the real achiever in life and the life is driven through purpose and sense of fulfilment.  This drive made him feel humble always, who kept a firm head on my shoulder and stood grounded always with a great sense of humility.

Buddy’s father was his constant source of inspiration, according to him – In life there are nothing called bad or good experiences. Buddy was always a people’s person. He had this innate nature in him who reached beyond boundaries and the need to maintain certain level of hierarchy. With no hidden agenda he could easily browse through any situation and people which otherwise would limit one’s reach.  His ability to stay clear of stress and resolve difficult situations with the support of my people was his super power.

He had made a pact with himself.  A pact which is nothing but a strong agreement, by being “edupreneur” his journey has endless possibilities.  His faith was unfathomable and gave him the energy and that combination of faith and energy motivated him.

As a person he had tremendous respect for others and was a product of feedback and always respected the feedback from his team and the people around him. This was the single most important factor which helped him to steer better. Buddy always believed that he would never have freedom when ego was involved and when there is ego there will be negative emotions which secrete acid in our body. He believed that his body was the only vehicle to propel him and therefore he used his intelligence on how to do and never how not to do

His best motivation came from his own goals and ideas. His belief was Books tend to guide people to think a certain way, while entrepreneurs need to think without this boundary which was his belief.

In Buddy’s PSNA Institutions there were strong value systems and organization ethics & culture, everything could be discussed, but values, ethics and culture are assumed and the mantra was Discipline must precede freedom.

Buddy’s life was snatched in 7 seconds, if Buddy’s exit were to be recorded in Guinness book of world records, Buddy’s exit would certainly make it to Guiness book of world record for exiting this planet in 7 seconds. Buddy was alive and smiling till Thursday, November 5 , 11:30:49 am and his life was breath was snatched away from him on Thursday, November 5, 11:30;56 am.

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    It has been three years since Prabhu Laksshman buddy left us, yet he lives in our hearts. …
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  • Purpose of Buddy Foundation.

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  1. Girish Bhasin

    August 17, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    He is always in our heart as he smiles
    Buddy is real Buddy of his all friends and always Hero


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