Founder’s Note

An Ode From My Heart For My Heartbeat

“For my friends I’m Buddy, but for you I’m everything”

All of you knew Buddy predominantly as the life of every party, someone who was there for you as Buddy whenever you needed him as that larger than life persona that he was. As his wife apart from all this there are so many facets of him that if you all knew it would have just made you fall in love with him all the more.

It feels like just yesterday that we had met each other for the first time. Since ours was a traditional arranged marriage he had come home to see me with the entire family. I saw that he never seemed like he was meeting them for the first time. He was all smiles and made everyone comfortable with his jokes. We spoke for the first time too that day and he said that we were going to get married. During the wedding at his hometown I was amazed to see the number of friends and well-wishers who had come and wondered how could someone have so many friends and love them all equally!!

Over the years I have seen him as a person who has been compassionate to every being at the same time with a firm hand has mentored hundreds of students from our college ensuring that they have a bright future by giving them quality and competitive education.

In terms of him fulfilling his duties on the personal front he has been the model son for his parents a perfect brother for his siblings by lending an attentive ear to their wants and needs and making sure they have everything even before the want crosses their mind. To our children he was the father of their dreams. The kids were the apple of his eyes and his early grooming is what is shaping them to be strong citizens who will do good to this world.

As for a husband there is nothing more that I could have asked for. All that I can wish is that I could have been with him until all eternity. His mantra to success was simple and beautiful. “When more people trust you, you become successful”. He understood his responsibility to give back to the society and did that in multiple ways. His other mantra was “what the right hand gives in charity the left hand should never know”. His exemplary quality to help others in need is what I would like to embrace in a large way.

Pursuing his dream we have now started the Buddy foundation, which just like him would lead a helping hand day or night for those who need it and we would like to build the foundation with all of you as our pillars, for we know the brightest star that shines down as we do this would be our Buddy.

-Thanking you

Mrs.Dheepa Laksshmana Prabhu